Current  since 2014 (SNU appointment)



기후변화 적응정책 선정을 위한 의사결정지원 도구개발 및 실증화 고도화 (환경부)

Development of impact assessment tools for climate change policy evaluations (Ministry of Environment)


2017-2020 (up to 2026)

위성영상과 빅데이터 분석을 이용한 유휴지 재이용 플랫폼 구축 연구 (창의선도 신진연구자사업; 서울대학교)

A research for the establishment of a platform for abandoned land management, using remote sensing and big-data analysis (the Department of Research, Seoul National University)


2017-2020 (up to 2026)

미세먼지의 다차원적 시공간 경제분석 (한국 사회과학 연구사업 (SSK); 한국연구재단, 교육부)

Multi-scale, Spatio-temporal economic analysis of fine dust (the Ministry of Education, the National Research Foundation)



축소도시시대 개발제한구역의 역할 연구- 서울 수도권 지역을 중심으로 (인문사회 신진연구자 사업; 한국연구재단, 교육부)

An analysis of the role of Greenbelt in the context of shrinking cities - Seoul Metropolitan Area, South Korea (the Ministry of Education, the National Research Foundation)



Sh공사 위례 택지개발지구 조경설계 Master of Landscape Architecture (Sh 공사) 

Master of landscape architecture design - Werye housing development (Seoul Housing Corporation)



골목상권 활성화를 위한 시.공간적 모델 구축 및 가이드라인 조성 (이공계 신진연구자 사업; 한국연구재단, 미래창조부)

Spatiotemporal modelings and guidelines for local retail revitalization (the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, the National Research Foundation)



새만금 첨단복합 농업단지 및 수출농업 전진기지 기본구상 (한국 농어촌연구소)

Planning of Saemangum multi-functional agricultural hub for international trade (Rural Research Institute)



기후변화 영향 및 취약성 통합평가 모형요소 기술개발 (환경부)

Development of comprehensive assessment tools measuring the effects and risks of climate change (Ministry of Environment)



강원도 산촌 건강산업 클러스터 및 시범마을 개발을 위한 기초연구(한샘연구재단)

Preliminary research for the development of health-industry clusters 

Past  before 2014


The High Line Section 2, New York, NY, USA (with James Corner Field Operations, LLC) as a project designer



Fresh Kills Park, New York, NY, USA (with JCFO) as project designer



Muscota Marsh Waterfront of Columbia University, New York, NY, USA (with JCFO) as a project designer



Duas Barras Resort Development, Alagoas, Brazil (with JCFO) as a senior designer



South Hudayriat Island Residential Development, Abu Dhabi, UAE (with JCFO) as a senior designer 



The High Line Section 3 Design Study, New York, NY, USA (with JCFO) as a project designer



Air City Masterplan, Incheon, Korea (with JCFO) as project manager



Multi-functional Administrative City Competition, Korea (with JCFO) –Finalist as a project designer



New Stapleton Waterfront Development, New York, NY, USA (with Wallace Roberts & Todd, LLC) as a senior Designer



Queens Plaza (Dutch Kills Green), New York, NY, USA (with WRT) as a senior designer



Trinity Lake Park Competition, Dallas, TX, USA (with WRT) – Wining entry as a designer



Rutgers University Campus Avenue Redevelopment, New Brunswick, NJ, USA (with WRT) – Wining entry, as a designer



Christina Crescendo Office Plaza, Wilmington, DE, USA (with WRT) as a designer



Busan Waterfront Resort Development, Busan, Korea (with WRT) as a designer



Isle of Capri Waterfront Condominium Development, Philadelphia, PA, USA (with WRT) as a designer

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